Are Tom's Shoes made from Pig Skin?

Are Tom's Shoes made from Pig Skin?

It comes to my knowledge that some of Tom’s Shoes are made from pig skin.
I’m not sure since I don’t have any pair (they are not my style). So whoever have them, its better to check.
In our religion as a Muslim we don’t wear pig skin.

I found the below note when I browse Google, and you can confirmed yourself:
All of ORIGINAL TOMS insole leather are made from pig skin while the replica is made from cheap leather. (MUSLIM BEWARE )

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  1. Dear, are you sure regarding toms shoes ? I am muslim too and dont want to wear a shoe that include pig skin. How can i check. Appreciate your help

    • Dear. This information I found in net. And Some of my friend send email to Toms and they told them that not all toms made of pig. However you can send them email to confirm it.

    • I think even the pig leather is cheap, however, since i’m not a fan of Tom’s shoes,i’m not sure what materials they use in the replica. You can check your self by examine the material, since the pig is having clear shape Three triangle dots

  2. Asalamualaikum, i recently bought toms shoes, the botas, without looking into what kind of leather the suede insole is. Then today i just read that the insole, and all leather or suede insoles in toms are made out of pig skin.

    And recently i read a thread where this one muslim tore off the insole as it was apparently made out of pigskin, and restored it with new insole himself/herself. I am not sure if i should apply ths to myself.

    Although the ‘vegan’ toms are animal-free, and the insoles are made out of canvas, but i started thinking about the peope that handled the rest of their shoes, that is the ones that had pig skin n them. If thepoeple who made thise toms shoes were non-muslims, surely they wouldnt clean off their hands after handling toms shoes that had pig skin.

    The matter relating to what type of leather used in toms shoes can be found on their official website.

    Any thoughts/comments?

    • According to my knowledge, there are types with only canvas and other with leather, which might be pig leather. If you can remove this will be good, since you pay money to buy it, and it will be waste of money if you throw them. If not it will be you decision to use or not.

  3. Alsalam Alaykom, brothers and sisters,

    It is sure they use pig skin for (leather insole styles) see go to:
    -Product & Sizing Questions / What type of leather does TOMS use?
    We use pig suede for all leather insole styles of TOMS.

    , but there is a style never use any animal skin, it is: VEGAN SHOES ( VEGANT hese shoes contain no animal by-products.At TOMS, we use earth and animal-friendly materials wherever possible )

    and see this Fatwa about it:

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