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CAF Cafe Kuwait

Collecting Amount For is what CAF refers to, that they give money to charity of every drink including water.

The design of the café is a container with different seating area, whomever interested in reading while enjoying drinking coffee, this is the place to go. Plus, they have meeting room for free, and stations for student and the book lovers. Plus, you can exchange your old books with their books in the shelves.

We coincidentally so the Cafe, since we were having dinner at Yuba restaurant at Crystal tower, and the owners invited us to try the drinks.

They served us three type of Coffee, cold and hot, with their tasty truffle chocolate as a complementary (it’s not for sale, and it will be served with each coffee you order).

They didn’t officially open, only soft opining starting Sunday 20th Nov 2016 from 4pm to 10pm for one month.

Thank you for the beautiful experience you give us, we really enjoyed it.

Location: Crystal Tower, Ahmad Al-Jaber St.