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Saving Mr. Banks. Movie

They both keep amazing me in the great performance of them. Whenever I see any of them, a smile draws in my face without any efforts, even if it’s drama movie, a smile with tears coming together at the same time.

This is to be added to the huge film history of both Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.

Rating: 8/10

Language: English

Year: 2013

Type: Biography | Comedy | Drama


Saving Mr. Bank



Yasmin Farms Kuwait

In this beautiful weather, Yasmin farm will be the best place to visit you and your family, especially the childrenโ€™s, they will definitely enjoy. You can either walk around, after wearing plastic bag top of your shoes (cost 1 K.D per-person) to wander in the farm per foot, or they can drive you around the farm with their golf cart (cost 2 K.D per-person).

After the tour you can shop your vegetables and diary product from their store, which is located inside the farm. For my luck Bess Fooll Bess Felafel was there serving there tasty food.

P.S: They open for public in weekends only, do check with them first. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tel: 22253600

Location: Al-Wafra Area. Kuwait