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Tatami Japanese Restaurant

I went there when they first opened, but there are a lot of restaurants in Kuwait that I didn’t have the chance to visit it again. We went between 5pm to 6pm and it was quiet “you don’t have to reserve for this time” and the service, the food and everything was perfect.

Order and Prices:

Edamame (1.650 K.D)

Kani Furai Clouds (3.650 K.D)

Shrimp Salad (3.800 K.D)

Ringo Maki (2.700 K.D)

Kani Crab Furai Maki (4.350 K.D)

Infused water (1.750 K.D)

Pomegranate (3.000 K.D)

Total 20.900 K.D

Tel: 22251266

Location: Sharq’s new business district


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