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My trip to Turkey Nov 2014

It was for 10 days we flew with Atlasjet Airline and stayed in our apartment in Istanbul.
Large country and very crowded, I didn’t go for lot of places, and however I didn’t find anything that attracts my attention. The most places I enjoyed were the Grand Bazaar, Egyptian Bazaar, and the Blue Masjed.

But there was one restaurant that I really loved and eat over there twice the Bevee Burger, they do have the tastiest burger I ever had. If you have the chance to visit Istanbul make sure you pass by it.

Leave you with the picture hope you enjoy them 🙂

Location of the restaurant: Mall of Istanbul

Tel: +90(212)8010088







Azumami Sushi Japanese Cuisine

Placed the order through Talabat and delivered within time. Everything was perfect, food very tasty, packaging is excellent, and most of all the 3 complementary dishes, which I’m not sure what are the name of the dishes but all were great. However the Home Made Tiramisu was average.

What I noticed mostly is that the seafood is not fishy at all Bravo. Thank you and wish you best luck.

Order/ Prices:

Edamame Salad (3.250 K.D) Tasty

E-Maki (4.500 K.D) Very Tasty

Crazy Maki (4.250 K.D) Very Tasty

Tel: 22322335

Location: Dar Al-Awadi