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St. Al Makan Restaurant Kuwait

I think I covered the menu 🙂 and tried almost all the dishes that are served, and just waiting for the new items that’s will be added to the menu, hopefully soon 🙂

Total order cost 35.750 K.D, we were 4

Patatas Bravas with Charred Onion, Excellent.

Green Curry Glazed Ribs on Mash with Pickled Onion, Excellent

Chicken Burger, Very Tasty

Sesame chicken nuggets with lemon aioli, Very Tasty

White Chocolate Cake, tasty

S’more, very tasty

Argentine steak, excellent

Dore Fish Dish, which I’m not sure what was the name of it, but was very tasty, however we didn’t like the rice, to much spices.

Tel: 96964793

Location: Sharq, Kuwait City, nearby Al-Kawakeb Deseret (حلويات الكواكب)



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Toasted Kuwait

Placed the order through Talabat, and delivered in less than one hour. Taste of the food was good, especially the Chicken Ranch Sandwich.


Chicken Ranch Sandwich (1.500 K.D) Very tasty.

Chicken Cajun Sandwich (1.600 K.D) good.

Mediterranean Salad (1.850 K.D) tasty

Tel: 50277443

Location: Ahmad aljaber st. Infront of Mcdonald’s






Dough Cafe & Bakery Kuwait

New Café & bakery located in the Miral mall, serving small menu of breakfast, plus variety of cake and pastries.


Huevos Rancheros (3.500 K.D) very tasty and heavy, you need large appetite 🙂

Scramble Avocado (3.250 K.D) I didn’t taste it but my friend loved it

Chocolate Cake (3.000 K.D) very tasty.

Total cost including the drinks: 15.800 K.D

They need to enhance the service, was very slow.

Tel: 22091740

Location: Miral Mall, Al-Mangaf