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The Gaucho Grill Kuwait

We only ordered the burger with fries, and my burger was medium well, and it was perfect. For extra flavor I added the Chimichurri sauce.

Location: The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa Grand Avenues – The Avenues



Abou ElSid Egyptian Restaurant Kuwait

One of the Egyptian restaurants in Kuwait, which serve different type of Egyptian cuisine. The food in average level, though my cousin loved the food more than I did.

Tel: 22264525

Location: Green Island, Gulf Street



Staffed Sausage (2.950 K.D), the skin was rubbery, but the stuffing was very tasty.

Abou ElSid (15)


Fried Eggplant (1.250 K.D), Very Tasty.

Abou ElSid (16)


Bessara (1.250 K.D), didn’t like it.

Abou ElSid (20)


Molokhia Plain (1.500 K.D), was good.

Abou ElSid (28)


Fettah (4.950 K.D), tasty.

Abou ElSid (23)


Koshari (1.950 K.D), good.

Abou ElSid (26)


Plus dessert and drinks total: 16.500 K.D