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My Trip To Bahrain Apr 2015

New Escape to Bahrain and this time alone 🙂

Thanks to  Amatraveller I stayed at Art Rotana Amwaj, which I loved a lot. Everything was perfect starting from the friendly staffs ending with the view. I did my reservation through

I only have one comment, which I hope they will consider applying it for better service. Since they have a rush times especially at the weekends, queue should be divided to two, one for check-in another for check-out, and the check-out queue should be divided to two, one for traveler on airplane, and the other one for traveling in a car. I think this will make the process faster. Other than that, I would really recommend it, and I will stay there again.

I reserved the Premium Room to have upper level of the Hotel, plus all the rooms are having sea view



I tried the breakfast at Choices in the Hotel and it was great with lot of variety of food and choices. I wished that they have sea view seating area, it will be great, especially in the winter.



I planned to visit new restaurants with the help of Saad Instagram account, and all the restaurants that he recommends and I tried are excellent.

I also visited new places, such as Arad Fort for the Heritage Festival, and Bird Kingdom “Aziza”, which made my visit more interesting, plus the usual places, such as Al-Seef Mall, Bab Al Bahrain, Jawad Dome, City Center, Villa Mamas…etc.


Arad Fort:


Bird Kingdom “Aziza”




Then I went to Al-Seef Mall beside Arad Fort, which is different than the one at Al-Seef area. And eat my dinner at

Bonchon Drumstick Restaurant

Ordered Spicy Chicken Drum 6pc with water, and cost me 4.400 BHD.


Location: Al-Seef Mall, Muharraq, Bahrain



Rosso Italian Restaurant

My order was Burrata Cheese, Spaghetti, Espresso, and Tiramisu, the total was 22.460 BHD


Location: Art Rotana Amwaj. Bahrain



Villa Mamas Restaurant:

I can’t but to go to Villa Mamas restaurant and have my lunch there, it’s a must visited place whenever you are in Bahrain


Villa Mamas Grilled Chicken (7.500 BHD)

Baby Hammour (12.000 BHD)

Date with Steak (17.000 BHD)

Banana Chocolate Cake (3.800 BHD)

Lemon Mint Juice (2.900 BHD)

3 Red Tea (2.100 BHD)

Plus extras total was 66:470 BHD



Tel: 17305031

Location: locates opposite Saar Cinema



Artikel Store:

Home Furnishings and Decorations Shop, which is a must visited while you are in Bahrain.

Located in Barbar Village, Jawad Dome Mall


Bluefield Burger Restaurant

Loved the burger and will defiantly add it to my list for Bahrain Restaurants every time I’m in Bahrain.

Ordered B.F Cheese Burger in whole wheat Bun 3.400 BHD, Upgrade Fries to Chili Cheese Fries 1.000 BHD, Greek Donuts 2.900 BHD, Double Espresso 1.500 BHD, and water 0.500 BHD. Total was 9.300 BHD


Tel: 17214441 – 80008003

Location: Juffair, Bahrain




Bun Bun Burger Restaurant

Everything was perfect, the taste, the presentation, and the service. The only thing I didn’t like is the location.

Ordered: Shrimp Sautéed 3.000 BHD, Risotto Cake 2.600 BHD, Chicken Mosaic 5.800 BHD, plus drinks total was 14.100 BHD



Tel: 17178474

Location: Juffair, Bahrain



Tikka Tren Tren Arad Restaurant

OMG, you can’t be in Bahrain and not eat Tikka, and this is a place where you should try the Tikka for the first place, though the location is not great, but you can order it to go and enjoy eating it in your comfort place.

I tried the Original TIkka and the one with yogurt, and both were tasty and it only cost me 2.000 BHD


Tel: 39823502 – 17676559

Location: Google Map


Mino’s Italian Restaurant

The service was very slow and that is because there is only two waitresses and the place was crowded.
As for the food it was excellent, our breakfast cost us 7.200 BHD.




Tel: 33866663 – 17744777

Location: Adliya