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Jar by Choowy Goowy Restaurant

My second visit and won’t be my last.


Welcome Bread with Pecan Nuts, We Loved It.

Beef Taco (3.950 K.D). A must.

Shrimp Volcano (3.950 K.D), very tasty.

Iced Salted Caramel Latte (two orders, 3.000 K.D), My friends loved it.

Lemonade With Mint (1.500 K.D), fresh.

American Burger (two orders, 6.900 K.D), Love Love Love it, make sure you order it medium well. A must.

Pink Risotto (3.500 K.D), My friend loved it.

French Fries (1.550 K.D). The Love.

Potato Volcano (2.950 K.D), Tasty but too oily for me.

Cookie with Milk (Complementary), I Love it.

Unlimate CG Nutella (3.450 K.D), Tasty, but very sweet for me.

Upside Down Cheesecake (Caramel), (3.500 K.D), Love Love Love it., A must.

Total (include the drinks) 42.400 K.D. We were four. Price is perfect for the quality and taste of the food, the location and service. 🙂

First Visit

Location: Murouj, Off 6th Ring Road, Near Hunting & Equestrian Club. Subhan Area, Kuwait

Soft opening: 4-11 PM


Al Dente Italian Cuisine Kuwait

I’m not sure when did they open, put it was in my list since long time now, and finally give it a visit. Very friendly staff and great service. Plus, They have outside seating area.


Bruschetta (1.250 K.D), very tasty.

Crema Di Funghi (1.800 K.D), good.

Lasagna Al Forno (2.950 K.D), good.

Al Dente Pizza (3.700 K.D), average.

Extra vinegar Olive oil (2.750 K.D), We tried it and it was tasty, so that my friend bought it.

They also sell Pasta, Olive with different flavors, plus different type of sauces. Plus, the Gelatissimo.

Tel: 67035672

Location: The Village Abu AlHasany. Kuwait



Arabica Coffee Kuwait

Though I’m not coffee lover, but I Loved the taste of the Latte. The staff were amazing, and they make my visit memorable (Special thanks go for Kevin & Ryan). They are still in the soft opening phase. Wish them the best luck. Plus, they sell different type of coffee beans.

Location: Sharq Ahmed Aljabeer st.

Opening hour: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM