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Nawara Original Kuwait

I received email from Nawara Original Presented by Samiha S, who offered me a complimentary lunch or dinner in order for me to review on their food quality and taste.

I requested the food to be delivered at 5pm and it did, with a letter of appreciation form the restaurant (a nice gesture).

I received 3 boxes of assorted type of food. I love the packaging very neat and organized.
The box included Shish Tawook, Arayes, Grilled Chicken, Hummus, Tabola, Fattoush, Saj Zaatar, Saj Chicken Shawarma, and Saj Halloumi.

All the food was tasty, we loved it.

Thanks you we really enjoyed our dinner.

Tel: 22622522

Available in Talabat

Kush by Lokal Kuwait

We were having a walking tour when we found this restaurant and we decide to add it to our list.

Finally we tried it this week and overall it was good.


Homestead Guacamole (1.900 K.D), tasty and crispy.

Miami Fries (2.250 K.D), good.

Chicken Waffles (3.950 K.D), the chicken was very tasty, however we didn’t like the waffles.

Lokal Burger (3.900 K.D), tasty but dry.

Puerto Rican tres leches (4.500 K.D), didn’t reach my expectation.

Plus the drinks total was 22.750 K.D

Tel: 99374944

Location: Salhiya, Kuwait City


Opening hours: Mon to Sat from 2PM – 11PM. Closed on Sundays.



Which Wich Sandwich Kuwait

I was invited to try the new restaurant two weeks ago, but didn’t have the time to go. I decided to try it this weekend and I liked it.

Everything was fresh and tasty, the staff were friendly and helpful.

There is the customized Sandwich, and you can create your own, Plus they have the catering box, the kids menu, cookies, brownies ( which I loved a lot), and more.

Location: Discovery Mall, Jahra Awtad Mall , Promenade Hawally