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Kuwait Zoo

This is a nice places to be visited, where you can find different types of animals and it’s, and it’s suitable for both adults and children.

It will need at least two hours to go around it, and there is a train take you in one round around the park.

Plus the outside seating area where you can bring your drinks and snack and enjoy the weather

Park fee 0.500 K.d and the train cost 0.500 K.D




Habra Beef Canteen Kuwait

This restaurant is specialty in meat, and all the dishes that we ordered was extremely tasty. Will definitely visit it again.


Crispy Okra (1.750 K.D)

Char BBQ GM (3.250 K.D).

Beef Carpaccio (2.500 K.D).

Rib Korean Sauce (6.950 K.D).

Kalbi (8.500 K.D).

Bone Marrow (3.750 K.D)

Plus Drinks total 29.850 K.D


Tel: ️22061321

Location: Kuwait City – Aqarat Building

Opening Hours: 6pm-10pm