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I’m from Kuwait. I love food, movies and shopping. I travel whenever it’s possible, and I like to read books. All my friends encouraged me to create this blog longtime ago, and I always postponed it. Finally, I take the first step and created the blog, although I don’t know much about blogging and using it, but I’m in my way to learn.
Hope that I succeed and update you with everything new in my country.


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  1. Hello Alanood,

    I came to know your blog as I wanted to know about U Grill. The idea of your blog is very nice. I’m a mom of a 3-year-old daughter. I find it difficult here to take her out to new places where she can play and learn. It’s either there are not enough places or that I am not in sync.

    So, if you happen to discover a unique place for kids or someone mentions it (other than Avenues, Scientific Center, …), keep us in sync (maybe via a new category, say Family). Other than that, your blog is great, will surely save it in my favourites.

    Have a nice day,

    1. Dear Samar
      I’m so glad that you like my blog and thanks for your idea of Family Category. I will update you with anything related to children’s places once I now anything.
      I’m not sure what type of places that you are interested in for the child that have both learning and playing. If you can mention or have something familiar, and that is available in Kuwait where I can search for other places have the same privilege.


  2. great blog walah , wish u all the best, u should try out the strawberry dipped in choclate place in Tital ( shuwakh ) . enjoy

  3. its called THE CONFECTIONERS its the tunnel entrance last place on right side from land mark entrance .. honestly once u have one u can stop till they are all gone.

    1. Hi Dear I think I did longtime ago, and only tried the strawberry with chocolate, which I didn’t like that much. When you leave it for little bit time , it starts to watery and taste bad.
      I still didnt try there other products. 🙂

      1. ee momkin mine did not reach the car was gone before it even think of melting … mafrooth box oo u have a seat o u dip in it.. bad idea to take away… bil 3afia

  4. Hi Wainmaaro7, hope your doing good??

    Dear could you kindly send me your blogs email address? sorry to ask for this but I’m keen on inviting you for an event I’m hosting next week 21 May 2013 and I’d like to send you the details via email.

    hope to hear from you
    thank you!

  5. Hi, I’m on my way to come work in Kuwait and very Interested in the local food scene. I would like to find out if you can recommend any local fresh produce retailers or markets? As well as restaurant which specialise in local Kuwaiti food. I am a chef and would love to learn about the food in Kuwait. I recently Launched my Book which can also be download on my website chefdewet.co.za

    1. We have many restaurants specialize in Kuwaiti food in different areas. Once you are in Kuwait and know where you will live, I will try to provide list of the restaurants in your area

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