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Jar Restaurant Kuwait

Finally one of my favorite restaurant in Kuwait start to serve Breakfast, but only in weekends for now.

We tried some of the dishes and we loved everything, and will defiantly go again to try the other dishes.


The Merry Thought Coffee (1.750 K.D) my friend liked it.

Karak Tea (1.750 K.D), I loved it.

Ful Medames (2.500 K.D), very tasty.

Open Face Avocado Sandwich (3.000 K.D), very tasty.

Khachapuri Cheese (2.950 K.D), very tasty.

Eggs Your way (3.950 K.D), average.

Souffle Pancake (2.950 K.D), very tasty.

Total include the drinks 26.000 K.D

Opening Hours for breakfast 9am only weekends

First Visit

Second Visit




Bateel Cafe Kuwait

They are known for their dates and Arabic coffee, and they have branch in Dubai, which serve food. Recently opened in Kuwait, and we decide to try there breakfast.

The service and the staff were warm and excellent. As for the food it was good, and will try more dishes next time.


Levant Plate (4.250 K.D)

Eggs Benedict (3.650 K.D)

Fried eggs with Bacon (3.750 K.D)

Date Bircher Muesli (2.750 K.D)

Dhibs Millefeuille (2.250 K.D)

Plus the Drinks total was 28.850 K.D

Tel: 22597433

Location: The Avenues Mall, Kuwait




Hotel Calcutta Indian Cuisine Kuwait

I was planning to visit it for awhile now, and finally tried it.
Over the food was in average rang, and service was fine. I would try it again for more dishes in the future, but it worth the try.


Koshimbiri, salad made with soaked lentils and veggies (1.250 K.D), average.

Sev Puri, Indian snack (1.250 K.D), good.

Rose Chicken Curry (5.000 K.D), average.

Lemon Rice (2.500 K.D), average.

Gulab Jamun, (2.000 K.D), good.

Naan & Butter Pudding (2.500 K.D), average.

Karak Tea (1.900), average.

Water (1.500 K.D)

Total: 17.900 K.D


Tel: 22201088

Location: The Avenues Mall