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Hatay Sofrasi Restaurant Kuwait

My first time to try it for breakfast, though it’s not new, and overall it was good. And the location is awesome.

We ordered the Turkish Breakfast tray, which include different type of breakfast dishes, plus the Tea and water, and the cost was 10.450 K.D

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 9am-11pm | Thu-Sat 9am-11:30pm

Available at Carriage

Tel: 22057010

Location: Murouj, Sixth Ring Road, Kuwait




Jar Restaurant Kuwait

The first time I tried the breakfast at the Avenues Mall, and this time with the beautiful weather went to the Murouj.

Having beautiful view and weather plus the tasty breakfast is all I need 🙂


Khachapuri Za’atar (2.950 K.D).

Ful Medames (2.500 K.D).

Egg muffin with Short Ribs (4.250 K.D).

Location: Murouj at Sahara Kuwait

Breakfast served only from Thursday to Saturday 9am – 12pm