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Jon Sliders Kuwait

New concept combining natural and tasty together in a slider. Their Sliders are Hormone Free, MSG Free, and use 100% Real Beef & Chicken with no added fillers.

They send me the whole range of sliders, appetizers, and drinks to try. Thank you, everyone enjoyed the food.

24/7 Talabat, Jeebley & Carriage

Tel: ️66302662


Tempura Guys Japanese Cuisine Kuwait

They are only available in Talabat and the order took less than hour to be delivered. Everything we order was tasty. One this is missing is the Salmon, they only serve the Poached Salmon, which we don’t like.


Kani Furai 2.950 K.D

The Original 2.950 K.D

Crispy Quinoa 2.950 K.D

Total include the delivery charge 9.350 K.D



Urban bites Kuwait

I spotted it when i was visiting Park Burger, and decide to try it. I tried the frozen yogurt and it was tasty. So I went again to have coffee and sandwich, I tried the Brie and Rocket Sandwich, which was very tasty, and the latte, which also was tasty.

Open: 7am – 11pm Fri: 11am – 12pm Sat: 9am – 11pm

Delivery: 22944477 Catering: 60088269

Location:  Tijaria Tower, They are also available in Talabat.