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Rococoa bistro Kuwait

I received sample of the chocolate and tried some and they were tasty. Soon they will open at the Opera House.



Location: Jacc, Oprah House

Café Meem Restaurant Kuwait

One of the places I love to eat in, especially their Zaatar Fatayer.

They have more than one branch and recently opened in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre.

Location: 360 Mall

Opening Hours: 9am to 11.30pm




Beit Shoukri Restaurant Kuwait

My first visit to this Egyptian cuisine restaurant, which is located in one of the most beautiful location in Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre Kuwait.

Overall the food was very tasty, and the service little bit slow, other than that i love it and will visit it again.


Hummus Beit Shoukri حمص بيت شكري (1.650 K.D), very tasty, loved it.

Besara بصاره (1.250 K.D), we didn’t like it.

Foul Beit Shoukri  فول بيت شكري (1.600 K.D), very tasty, loved it.

Potato Bil Bakdoonis بطاطا بالبقدونس (1.250 K.D), average.

Koshari كشري (2.250 K.D), tasty.

Tajin Bamyeh طاجن باميه (4.500 K.D), very tasty, loved it.

Ta’amiya طعميه ( 1.500 K.D), tasty.

Plus the drinks total 16.550 K.D

Tel: 23719331 – 23719335

Location: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre Kuwait