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Café Meem Restaurant Kuwait

One of the places I love to eat in, especially their Zaatar Fatayer.

They have more than one branch and recently opened in Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre.

Location: 360 Mall

Opening Hours: 9am to 11.30pm




Jumo Coffee Kuwait

I loved the decoration and the location of the coffee at the Sadu House.

I still didn’t try their coffee, but I will soon, but I tried the Charcoal lemonade and my friend did try both the coffee and cookie and liked them both.

They have two location, Sadu House and Sukar Boutique 360 mall

Open: 7am-10pm Sadu House- Friday-Saturday 3pm-10pm

9am-10pm Sukar Boutique 360 mall



The Mayfair Grill Steak Kuwait

The taste of the Steak was very good, juicy, and tender, however it wasn’t hot enough. As for the Gratin we didn’t like it at all, they need to work on it.

Giving the location of the restaurant, it’s overpriced. They should consider either changing the location, or adding some privacy, or reduce the prices. Thou the restaurant have a good potential.

We paid 19 K.D for one steak, Gratin, and water.

Location: 360 Mall, Al Zahra area, Kuwait