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Healthy Feast Restaurant Kuwait

Those who search for Wholesome eatery, Fresh, Local, Organic, and Gluten-free, this is the place for them. Overall the food was good, and I like Shuwaikh branch more. Menu available in the website.


Mexican Fiesta Salad, 3.200 K.D

Oat Zaatar, 1.950 K.D

Falafel Tacos, 2.350 K.D

Large Oat Margherita, 3.350 K.D


Tel: 22412437  –  96058651

Location: Bneid AlGar, Block 3, Street 65, Shuwaikh Industrial 1, Plot 3, Street 4

Opening Hours:  Bneid AlGar: Daily 9AM-10PM (Closed Sunday)

Shuwaikh: Daily 1-10pm (Closed Sunday)


Vine Restaurant. Kuwait

Quinoa all over the air
Loved the food, the Atmosphere and most of all it’s a quiet place 🙂 It’s my favorite type of places
Beetroot Rocca Salad (1.500 K.D) very tasty.
Kubba Baqlava (2.500 K.D). Good and must try.
Quinoa Grape Leaves (3.000 K.D). Didn’t like it much.
Quinoa Falafel (3.000 K.D). Awesome, you should defiantly try it.
Hummos Edamami (1.900 K.D). Didn’t like it much.
Tannour Spicay (0.250 K.D). Tasty.
Tannour Rose (0.250 K.D). Tasty.
Tannour Pistachio (0.250 K.D). Tasty.
Tzakzhik (1.250 K.D). Love it.
Water with lemon mint (1.000 KD). Cooling and refreshing feeling.
Turkish Coffee (1.000 K.D)
Exmik (3.000 K.D). Good
Jazzariya Bil Ashta (3.250 K.D). It’s a must, loved every bit of it.

Tel: 22254055

Location: Bneid Algar. block 1 alshareef alradhy street