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Joe’s Burger Kuwait

I started my 1st Day of the New Year having a home BBQ.

I placed the order two days earlier, and I received it on time in beautiful packaging include all the needed items. Burgers, Buns, Sauces, Vegetables, and the drinks.

The cost include the delivery 27.000 K.D

They also cater for you at your place.

Tel: 55201207





SBON Burger Kuwait

Loved the packaging and they deliver it in time, plus everything was included in neat way.

I ordered one dozen burgers, and come with it:

The Bun, three types of cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, Lettuce,ย jalapeno, three types of sauce, and Mushroom.

Total include the delivery 27 K.D

Make sure you don’t over cook it.