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Zufa Lebanese Restaurant Kuwait

A beautiful place with calm atmosphere and pretty decoration. As for the food I loved it very tasty and I do recommend trying it.


Rocca & Zaatar (1.650 K.D), very tasty

Tabbouleh (1.650 K.D), tasty.

Castaletta Zufa, meat ( 5.150 K.D), so tasty and tender.

Shish tawook, chicken (3.950 K.D), my friend loved it.

Mdardara (1.450 K.D), tasty.

Hummus Beiruti (1.650 K.D), very tasty.

Loubieh B Zeit (1.750 K.D), my friend loved it.

Warak Enab, grape leaf (1.950 K.D), very tasty.

Plus the drinks total was 23.800 K.D

Tel: 22056292

Location: The Gate Mall


Marunouchi Japanese Restaurant Kuwait

Tasty food and Friendly Staff, Cozy and Quiet place. They need to reconsider their menu design.

They served us complementary eggplants, which was very tasty. Plus apple with ginger drink was good.


Ebi Tempura (Tempura shrimp (3.750 K.D)) good.

Gyuniko NarutoYaki, Meat  (3.650 K.D) good

Gyuniku Nasu Hakatayaki, Meat with Eggplant (6.800 K.D), good

IseEbi TobanYaki, Lobster with cream sauce (12.000 K.D) very good.

Shrimp Teppan (6.500 K.D), very good.

Yaki Soba, Noodles(3.500 K.D), very good.

Plus drinks total 39.550 K.D

Tel: 97293869

Location: Mazaya Tower 3, Sharq